Al- Hashashin Episode 1 in Urdu subtitles:

Al- Hashashin Episode 1 in Urdu subtitles- Watch online-(
Overview of episode Al- Hashashin:
Hasan-i Sabbah, also called Hasan I of Alamut, ruled from 1090 until 1124 AD.
Founder of the Nizari Ismai’li sect, popularly known as the Hashashin or the Order of Assassins, and the Nizari Ismaili empire.
The Hashashin series is described as an Arabic series. In the overview of the Hashashin series, the meetings between the three friends occurred in the first episode.
The earliest assassins, known as the Hashashin, originated in Turkey, Syria, and Persia. The origins of the names “Hashashin” and “Assassin” are unknown. The most widely accepted explanation claims that the word’s Arabic origins are hashishi, which translates to “hashish users.”

Al- Hashashin Episode 1 in Urdu subtitles: The covenant

We are aware that the Assassins belonged to the Shia Ismaili sect. The Assassins were founded by a Nizari Ismaili missionary named Hasan-i Sabbah. In 1090, he and his disciples broke into the Alamut citadel and killed the Daylam resident monarch. Omar Khayyam, bringing the renowned astronomer, mathematician, and poet to life.
Al-Hashashin provides an in-depth examination of the Hashashin’s lineage, strategic acumen, and enigmatic practices.
Al-Tusi warns the king about Batiniyya.
The show provides unique insights into the lives, ideologies, and lasting impact of Al-Sabbah and his adherents, making it a compelling examination of this historical period.

The covenant between Hassan-i Sabbah, Nizam al-Mulk, and Omar Khayyam play the major role and first initiative for the Hasan-i Sabbah to get spirit and become the founder of the the Order of Assassins.
The Three Pillars of the Covenant:
The episode most likely centres on a crucial historical event: the creation of a strong coalition between three important individuals:

  • Hassan-i Sabbah, the mysterious leader who would later come to represent the Assassins.

  • One of the most influential scholars and statesmen in the Seljuk Empire was Nizam al-Mulk.
  • Another was the renowned mathematician, astronomer, and poet Omar Khayyam.

Secret Plans of The Covenant:
The title of the episode, “The Covenant,” alludes to a formal contract that these three people have signed. The specifics of this agreement are still unknown.

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